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Dr Ronnie Chong

RONNIE CHONG Chiropractor


or a 15 year old boy to break his L5 into half, it could potentially and tremendously affect much of his future. That was me. I had to deal with daily pain for 5 years until I got my chiropractic treatment when I was 20 years old. It was slowly but surely, after 6 months of regular treatment, my nerve pain, burning pain, numbness symptoms, etc were gone. I did not even realise I was good.

That inspired me to learn chiropractic and to become a chiropractor. I graduated from Murdoch University  Chiropractic Program in Perth, as the pioneer group of students in December 2006. I did not waste much time and on 2nd January 2007, I started my career in Malaysia as a chiropractor. The 12 years practising in Malaysia in a single clinic was one of the highlights of my life. 

I was privileged, to be given the chance to manage thousands of patients, with ages ranging from 2 years old to my eldest patient at 93 years old. They were the people I treasured, because from them I gained my vast experience in managing many degenerative conditions, sports injuries, scoliosis and general health.

My family and I migrated to Australia in early 2018. I am here with a family vision to settle down in this beautiful country. That means I have major priority in my chiropractic career, and as a chiropractor, my dedication of time, care and expertise will be given to my patients. It is the privilege to manage your musculoskeletal health that keeps me inspired daily.

The people I care most are my family members and that is how I will treat you too!