Barham Chiropractic 2023 Fees & Appointment Types

2023 Fee Schedule – Barham Chiropractic

General Fee Categories

Consultation/ Examination Extended Visit fee

(includes all examinations, scans and x-rays)


Report of Findings and case discussion Extended Visit fee

(includes case plan and first adjustment)

Regular office fee Adult 74*
Regular office fee Child/ Pensioner 64
Rehabilitation fee Adult 66*
Rehabilitation fee Child/ Pensioner 60
Special Visit fee 54*
Special Fees for Family Care
Family Visit fee  3 members   (save $37 per visit) 175*
4 members 200
5 members 225
6 or more   (save $154 per visit) 250
Pre Pay & Save 15%
Pre pay 12 visits (minimum)


Normally 888


24 visits


Normally 1776

(NB  *  denotes explanation)

Appointment Types


Consultation Visit

An extended visit that includes: time for initial confidential health paper work; chiropractic education; any required data entry; full consultation and examinations (including spinal x-rays and posture and thermography scans). Typically, no treatment is started until examination findings are analysed to determine the appropriate care required.

Report Visit

An extended visit that includes: time for analysis of all examinations; a written report of the condition and findings; a suggested treatment care plan and discussion of fees with a Chiropractic Assistant; an initial adjustment.

Regular office visit

At Barham’s we use a variety of chiropractic techniques. The appropriate techniques, the frequency of care to achieve results and any homecare required will be determined by the examination findings and discussed at the report visit. We provide general information on the chiropractic techniques we use.

Rehabilitative  Care Option

Most of our patients choose to continue chiropractic care beyond their initial symptomatic relief to maintain the gains they have made and to help prevent old problems reoccurring. We provide a reduced fee to encourage our patients to continue to help look after their health. We also have other health providers who support our maintenance healthcare philosophy which is explained in further detail for you.

Family Care Option 

Chiropractors typically ‘treat’ a condition called vertebral subluxations. These generally occur due to reoccurring stresses like falls, strains, sprains, sport injuries, posture issues, and various work conditions that occur continually through your lifetime. These are not restricted to just adults. In-fact you most likely have more falls and injuries during your childhood which sets the pattern for future issues as an adult. It makes sense to have the entire family checked from birth to help prevent future problems. We provide affordable fees to encourage our families to help look after their health. (eg savings of between $37 and $154 per family visit is explained in detail).

Pre-pay Option 

At the Report Visit a schedule of care will be discussed and agreed upon to achieve the results required. Some people request to pay for care in lump sums and we offer a 15% reduction for those patients who choose this option. Appointments are pre-scheduled for the duration of the care program and your Chiropractic Assistant can explain our office policies on administration of this collection.

Health funds

A variety of Health Funds pay a rebate for chiropractic care. Each fund has different amounts they refund for an office visit and a different annual limit. We have collected and collated information on some of these funds for you and leave you to determine their value to your family’s situation.

Special Visit Fee Our corporate rate, or supplementary to normal care schedule, or for special circumstances. (for private discussion only).