Dr Gavin Crouch

GAVIN CROUCH Chiropractor

[dropcaps type=’square’ color=’#ffffff’ background_color=’#1ABC9C’ border_color=”]I[/dropcaps] grew up in the central west of NSW. On my way home from enrolling in Engineering at NSW Uni, we dropped in to see our family Chiropractor and he asked what I had been doing, I explained about uni and he said I didn’t sound that enthusiastic about it, he was right. He invited me out to tea and explained the philosophy of Chiropractic to me. It just made so much sense, was very logical and it was something I could get excited about, the next thing I know, I am enrolling in Chiropractic College in Melbourne and the rest is history. After college I went home and practiced with my Chiropractor for 5 years, then travelled overseas for 9 months before buying my own practice for 8 years. I then took a six month locum job in 1996 for Chris in Kingaroy and haven’t left Queensland since. Then practiced in Goondiwindi/St George for 7 years before moving to Brisbane and buying into the Woolowin/Wavell Heights Practice as a partner. It is now nearly 37 years since that dinner with my Chiro when I decided to become a Chiropractor and I still wake up happy to go to work because I know I make a difference to the lives of the people I encounter each day. Thankyou for allowing me to live this life.