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Barham Chiropractic is a community orientated family business that has been providing Healthcare services in its centres around South East Queensland for over 40 years.

Barham Chiropractic Wavell Heights has been practicing at its current site since 2008, before that we were further down Shaw Road formally known as Wooloowin Chiropractic. We have two chiropractors in our Wavell Heights Practice – Gavin and Derek! 

Call Barham Chiropractic Wavell Heights on 07 3266 4866, or book your appointment below! To book a Saturday appointment, please call the practice!






Barham Chiropractic Wavell Heights Chiropractor, Gavin Crouch  Chiropractor, Gavin   

Gavin Crouch has been a Chiropractor for 35 years and moved his family to Wavell Heights 15 years ago as he felt the area had a great community feel and has great schools in the area.

Whilst Gavin sees patients for the most common ailments and treatment of low back pain, neck pain, nerve pain and headaches, he also understands that an optimally functioning nervous system allows us to enjoy our life to the fullest and therefore has a practice with clients from babies, kids right through to patients in their 90’s.


Chiropractor, Derek
Joining us in the Wavell Heights team is Derek (hint: You may know his wife, Caroline who previously worked in our Albany Creek Practice!) He has two adorable little boys, Winston & Artie, and loves working with young families and helping people with stress related issues!  

Derek grew up in Brampton, Ontario Canada (near Toronto) and studied his B.Sc at University of Guelph (Canada), before completing his B.Chiro in New Zealand!  

Derek moved to Australia and settled on the Sunshine Coast in 2014, and is one of our friends at Rise Chiropractic on the Sunshine Coast! He is also a HUGE coffee lover, so make sure you ask him about his favourite local coffee shops next time you’re in! 


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