Work Place Health

The first step in creating a healthier, more productive workplace is to empower your employees with the tools to make positive lifestyle changes. Barham Chiropractic offers a workplace health and performance management program for both employers and employees. Our specially tailored programs have been designed so that your team get to understand how to increase not only their performance but also enhance their overall job fulfillment through improved workplace health.

A very popular choice because it is informative, inspiring and provides your employees with highly effective tools to enable them to make immediate positive lifestyle changes, which has been shown to increase productivity and improve your companies bottom-line. Our highly experienced presenters are also available to talk on topics including:


Five Pillars of Optimal Health and Performance – Essentials for a Healthy, Energised Life


Sit Right – Simple, effective ways to improve desk and seating positions and boost energy

Our healthcare professionals will come to your company and provide ‘on-site’ health screenings for your employees. This is a wonderful opportunity for your employees to gain valuable information about their current health status and what they can do about it.

The consultation will include:

Health and Wellness Screening

Chiropractic Spinal Analysis

Posture analysis 

This examination only takes approximately 10 minutes.

Employees examined will also be eligible to receive the ‘Barham’ discount should they choose to schedule a complete examination at our centre.

A ‘Barham Chiropractic’ chiropractor will visit your business and observe your employees in their workplace to gather data on their environment and their habits to identify the main areas of postural stress.

Each employee will receive a one on one demonstration on how they can improve their posture and make their workstation more ergonomically friendly.  We will also provide management feedback including recommendation for upgrades and improvements.