Meditation & Yoga




There are many different styles of yoga available. See some of our favourites below: 

Vinyasa yoga is the most athletic style. ‘Vinyasa’ means ‘to place in a special way.’ Therefore, this style is based on using the breath to move from one posture to another. Closing down the eyes throughout and using the breath to guide you, enhances your mind-body connection. 

Hatha Yoga is a grounded, physical practice. Slower than Vinyasa, if you are a beginner this is a great style to get started with.

Yin Yoga is a mix of yoga poses and meditation. The pace is slow, and the poses are held for longer. This allows you to connect more deeply to your body within each pose. Yin yoga helps you to find inner peace and creates the space to release. 

Restorative Yoga focuses on full mind and body relaxation. Commonly props such as bolsters, blankets and eye pillows are used to assist in your relaxation journey. If you are looking for a class to free your mind and calm your nervous system, this is a great place to start.


Meditation itself can be incorporated into yoga, however, if you’re wanting to try meditation on its own, here are a few of our favourite apps with guided meditations. This practice has been proven to improve focus, emotional wellbeing and overall health. However, the thought of starting meditation practices can be scary for some, as the idea of quieting our mind for an extended period of time can be daunting. Starting with guided meditations is a great way to ease into it and find the style of meditation that works best for you. Begin with 5-10 mins and slowly work your way up to longer meditations for a deeper sense of relaxation and connection. Be gentle with yourself as you start, the more your practice quietening your mind, the easier it will be.  

Meditation Apps

– Headspace:

– Calm:

– Buddhify :

– Smiling Mind (great for the kids!)